Calls Management


   Telemarketing or conducting follow-up calls in      

   sales or support is easy. Target lists of prospects or    

   customers can be allocated in such a way that calls are    

   schedules as a telesales or support representatives become











Integrates With MyPBX IP PBX Phone System


Intimate CRM integrates with MyPBX IP PBX phone system to manage the routing of inbound calls and auto-dialing for outbound calls. 


    Manage Inbound And Outbound Calls


     Execute inbound and outbound calls inside Intimate CRM 

     and view the key details of the call, such as name of the

     contact, emails address and telephone number, instantly. 



Connect Multiple Call Centers


Operate multiple call centers in your company as separate

entities by creating Intimate PBX API connector.



  Manage Call Log Reports


  Create call log reports based on the current days's, week's,    month's inbound and outbound calls in Intimate CRM.








Incoming Calls System



Users can set the incoming calls system, balanced distribution of calls, the system can track the seats or agents status in real-time, and produce an effective agent queues, use of permutation algorithm, to connect calls to the most appropriate agent.