Project Management


Convert your opportunities into projects and seamlessly carry over all pertinent information, including all categorization values, owner / client information and key players.


Track all projects details, including owner / client / consultant companies and contacts, staff team members, schedule, project goals and documents.





Activity Management


Provides comprehensive calendaring capabilities to track all tasks and appointments. Calendar conveniently integrates to your Gmail calendars, allowing tasks, meetings and appointments easily scheduled and monitored throughout the company.


Users can set appointments and centralize all company communications and employee interactions with every one of your customers.










Services Management


Services Management allows users to insert services all their clients are currently having, so users could easily identify what services each of their clients joined, for better management.












Incident Tracking


Incident Tracking enables users to record all the details of incidents that are currently on schedule in Intimate CRM, to minimize the impact of business operations and ensure service quality.












Group Calendar


Synchronization with Googlcalendar, supportMaand Windows. Users coulmanage and view yoand youemployees' schedule, including scheduled activities, customer meetings, calls, and etc. All users could view each other's calendar to increase communications.







Service Reminder


With service reminderusers would nomiss anserviceprovided 

to clients. Services will be follow-up efficiently and increasing 

customer satisfaction and loyalty.