Intimate Loyalty


Intimate Loyalty is designed for you to stimulate the repeat purchase of customer to generate more sales and nurture a good relationship with customers to capture their lifetime value. Intimate Loyalty enables you to record the transactions and customer’s data, as well as providing sales discount or bonus for loyal customers. Intimate Loyalty allows you to achieve customer retention by rewarding them for their repeat purchase. Intimate Loyalty consists of various functions to diversify the uses of it, including membership management, account management, bonus point management, reward management, discount management, report and analysis, prepaid function and product management. To better the use of intimate Loyalty, we recommend you to adopt rewrite card membership system to integrate with Intimate Loyalty.





Membership Management


Intimate Loyalty enables you to manage the membership and computerize the membership level management, and you can divide the membership into different levels with specific thresholds of application and discount rate. Also, you can automate the membership upgrades and renewals by setting the membership requirements and upgrade policy.


• Membership levels differentiation


• Membership discount rate Setting


• Member Database


• Automatic membership upgrade


• Automatic membership renewal





Account Management


You can manage your clients and their data by Intimate Loyalty. It enables you to record the data of your clients, such as name, gender, contact, date of birth, address, referral or membership ID. Besides, you can divide your customers into different segments to facilitate the market targeting, and you can also track the transaction history, consumption and bonus balance of your clients, to pave the way for the marketing research and the initiation of promotional campaign.


• Client Database


• Client Search Engine


• Customer Segmentation


• Customer Transaction History Tracking


• Customer bonus balance tracking





Bonus Point Management


Intimate Loyalty enables you to customize your bonus point rewarding program. You can set the bonus point rewarding program and point generating formula based on the membership level, product, price or consumption to reward bonus point to your customers. By accumulating bonus points, member can use the bonus point to redeem for gift, gain extra discount or consume as money. Besides, you can set the expiration of points to stimulate your customer to consume it. 

The system also supports some special promotional schemes; you can make use of the data of your members to design different schemes for them, such as Birthday Promotional Scheme, Public Holiday Scheme, Stock Clearance Scheme or Bundle Selling Scheme.


• Bonus point generating formula selection (the bonus point can be generated by percentage)


• Bonus point rewarding program design


• Bonus point rewarding scheme selection


• Bonus point expiration


• Membership level targeting for reward program


Bonus point formula examples


• Certain amount of bonus point for specific items


• Bonus point calculating rate (%) , e.g.  Earning 100 bonus points for $1000 spent if the rate is 10%. 


• Extra bonus points for certain amount of money spent


• Higher bonus point calculating rate for certain amount of money spent





Reward Management


Rewarding your loyal customers is a key to customer retention; therefore, Intimate Loyalty lets you tailor your reward redemption program to organize the rewarding program. The rewards for your loyal customers can be gift, cash voucher, discount, extra bonus point or membership upgrade. To better the rewarding process and motivate customers to repeat purchase, you can set the redemption point requirement for different rewards.


• Reward type selection


• Reward record


• Bonus point redemption for reward





Discount Management


Discount Management allows you to create different discounts for specific product or membership. You can set the condition for the discount acquisition and discount rate to organize the sales promotion, such as bundle selling discount, special discount, membership discount, birthday discount or clearance discount. Besides, you can restrict the discount from combining with other sales promotion or discount and set the expiration of discount.


• Discount formula selection (e.g. spend $500 get 90% off)


• Restriction for discount combination


• Discount scheme selection


• Bundle selling setting (e.g. buy 3 get 1 free)


• Membership discount selling


• Birthday discount setting



Discount formula examples


• Discount for specific items


• The discount rate (%)


• Extra discount (%) for certain amount of money spent


• Extra discount (%) for certain number of products purchased


• Buy N get N free


• Birthday discount rate


•Restriction on discount combination






Product Management


Intimate Loyalty enables you to manage product information, such as product name, product category, product description, cost or mark price. To facilitate the sorting of products, you can define a product code and product unit for your product. Besides, you can set the membership price for different membership levels in the product management page.


• Product Search Engine


• Product code


• Product description


• Insert product photo


• Define Product Category


• Record the cost


• Define mark price and membership price


• Define Product Unit


• Inventory management


• Supply chain information





Prepaid Function


Intimate Loyalty supports prepaid function for your clients to prepaid for the products. You can accept prepaid from your client and reserve the stocks for them, so that your clients can take the prepaid products afterward.


• Product Prepaid


• Prepaid product management


• Prepaid record


• Product reservation record 






Reports and Analysis


Intimate Loyalty provides an extensive variety of reports for you to analyze the customer loyalty of your company and your sales situation.

Apart from that, you can tailor any reports depends on your needs to analyze the data, it provides you flexibility to conduct any marketing analysis.


• Employee KPI


• Client KPI


• Sales report


• Transaction report


• Self-customized report






Point of Sales Transaction Processing Function


Intimate Loyalty provides POS function for you to process transaction and manage the membership rewarding process. After entering the product code and quantity, the system will automatically calculate the total price and the sum of bonus point for the member. It can accelerate the processing of POS transaction and bonus point rewarding, so as to achieve the excellence of customer loyalty management.


• Process transaction


• Process gift redemption


• Process product return or exchange


• Issue extra discount


• Calculate bonus point


• Membership recognition







System Integration


You can integrate Intimate Loyalty with any other intimate CRM systems to experience the comprehensiveness of electronic customer relationship management.



Intimate CRM offers you a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Phone Calls, Email Logging and Inventory Activities in a single system. It is simple to use, yet packed with features for automation, integration, and collaboration that allows you to grow your business and have a 360-degree view of your customer interactions. It can also integrate with Phone System, Google Calendar Google Contacts and Email IMAP.


Intimate CRM software and sales team automation tools enable your email campaigns, call automation and group calendaring all in one place.



How can loyalty management system help your company?


Loyalty Management System enables you to manage the membership rewarding program to raise customer’s incentives to purchase. By establishing membership program, your customers can collect bonus point from every transaction and consume it to redeem for gift. It allows you to retain your customers by stimulating their repeat purchase, so as to capture their lifetime value.

Besides, you can collect the data of customer transactions, customer’s information and customer behaviors. By tracking their spending behaviors, you will be able to customize a marketing campaign to target their needs.








Integration with Rewrite Card System



Rewrite card is a type of membership cards that combined the traditional membership cards with Magnetic cards to provide your customers an instant membership status update on their membership card. The signature of rewrite card is that it contains a rewritable magnetic area for you to print and reprint the customer information or membership status on the membership card. It provides you the greatest flexibility to execute your membership program and manage your customer loyalty.



• Update the latest information on the membership card

• Allow your customers to check their membership status on their membership card

• Endurable membership card with a large amount of reprint quota

• Adoptable to different customer loyalty management campaigns