Intimate CRM


Intimate CRM offers you a complete customer relationship life-cycle management software for managing Sales, Marketing, Customer Support, Phone Calls, Email Logging and Inventory Activities in a single system. It is simple to use, yet packed with features for automation, integration, and collaboration that allows you to grow your business and have a 360-degree view of your customer interactions. It can also integrate with Phone System and Email IMAP.


Intimate CRM software and sales team automation tools enable your email campaigns, call automation and group calendaring all in one place.






What is CRM?


eCRM (Customer Relationship Management System) is used by businesses to keep sales, marketing and relationship-building goals

on track. It allows a business to improve visibility and organization of daily activities on a company-wide scale. To deliver enhanced

customer service with real-time information and insights, and boost revenues and increase your sales pipeline accuracy with

sales-force automation.


One major advantage of using eCRM system is the ability to easily collect data from system entries and employ metrics to analyze

that data, allowing businesses to better tailor their customer-related strategies.




Why use Intimate CRM?


Intimate CRM is a professional and reliable system that provides you with great value, leading you to your success journey.


As mounting global competition makes products and services increasingly similar, customer relationship have become one of the most important assets of sales and marketing-driven businesses. Using value and needs-based customer segmentation, we work out the right strategy to access, gain and retain customers in the most efficient and effective way possible. In order to deliver enhanced customer service with real-time information and insights, boost revenues and increase your sales pipeline accuracy with sales-force automation.


Intimate CRM has Sales Forecasting which helps sales users to provide forecasts to their managers on an as-needed basis. Forecasts roll up throughout the organization and managers have the ability to add their own assessments to the forecasts of their direct reports.





Cloud - Anywhere, Anytime 


Intimate CRM is cloud based, users could enter CRM anytime and anywhere,

without any location restrictions.




Track All Sales Activities 


Intimate CRM allows users to record all clients and sales information, status, events,

and activities. Users could easily search certain information with one-click of button.

Even a completely new sales personnel could handle cases like the previous sales,

minimize project failures.




Varieties of Reports 


Intimate CRM contains a variety of reports, sales manager could base on these reports

to have a better planning for the future year, and find the hidden opportunities.



Advanced Features 


Intimate CRM includes multi-advanced features to convenient users in daily working



User Friendly 


Intimate CRM is easy to use, no special I.T. skills are required.



Integrates CRM with PBX Phone System


Intimate CRM integrates with the PBX phone system, users could easily identify which

customer called you, without having to guess the customers' name, creating customer loyalty.

Users could also dial-out to customers through CRM, without having to find the customers'

contact no., as it's already insert in the CRM system.





Intimate CRM Functions

Sales Force Automation 

 - Repository for valuable information (customers relationships)

 - Preview leads or opportunities 
 - Monitoring targets and proactively alerts sales with recommended actions based on company's sales policy


Leads Management 

 - Leads are generally classifies as UNQUALIFIED contacts  
 - Once lead is qualified, "Convert" them into a regular Account or Contact record in the Intimate CRM system


Opportunities Management 

 - Organize all relevant data regarding a prospective deal into one place 
 - Characterized by details such as Prospective customer, expected budget, total spending, products
   interested in, expected closing date, key players in the deal and their key characteristics, important
   dates and milestones, etc 
 - Includes several phases based on company needs, e.g. In Process, Success, Pending, Close, quotation
   sent, final stage, won or lost  
 - "Guiding" sales representative to carry out certain suggested activities in each phase according to the
    company's sales policy 


Reporting & Analysis 

 - Multitude of standard and custom reports 
 - Easy to use report analysis 
  Calls Management 
 - Allocate target lists and calls of prospects or customers 
 - Integrates with MyPBX IP PBX phone system

Mass Emails 

 - Integrate with eDMS (Direct Marketing System) supports targeted e-mail marketing campaigns 
 - Easy to create and manage target lists, e-mail templates, sent HTML e-mail, or e-mail attachments for bulk distribution 


Group Calendar 

 - Manage and see employees and your daily, week, and monthly scheduled activities and customer meetings, calls 
 - Track upcoming events, set reminders, create tasks and enter notes, attach files to calendar activities,
   associate calendar entries with one or more contacts and assign tasks to one or more co-workers
 - Filter calendar view to yourself, co-worker, or multiple team members 
 - Calendar functionality is completely integrated with CRM 



 Activity Management

 - Comprehensive calendaring capabilities to track all tasks and appointments 
 - CRM calendar integrates with Gmail calendars 
 - Monitor tasks, meetings and appointments easily  
 - Set appointments
 - Centralize company's communications and employee interactions  



Contact Management 

 - Import and update your CRM data
 - Import large data sets with out custom import tools 
 - Ensure data integrity of company and contact records with versioning technology 
 - Prevent duplicate company and contact entry  
 - Customer segmentation: Understanding customer value, loyalty and needs 


Dashboard Widgets 

 - Highly customizable dashboard widgets 
 - Quick access to information such as tasks, key contacts, or new opportunities 




Project Management 

 - Convert opportunities into projects 
 - Seamlessly carry all pertinent information 
 - Track all project details 

Call Center  

 - Manage inbound and outbound calls
 - Connect multiple call centers 
 - Manage call log reports

Google Apps

 - Sync Google contacts, calendars, etc. with Intimate CRM 
 - Collaborate and share information easily 

 Cloud - Web-based

 - Easily login by computers, mobile or iPad 
 - Search for information conveniently