Intimate Contact




Business liaison is very crucial for Account Management, companies with excellent capability in business communication mostly have a better lead or account management. Therefore, we designed Intimate Contact for you to facilitate your business communication with accounts, which enables you to engage your customers at any time, so as to enhance your customer relationship management capability and allow you to deliver superior customer experience.





Excellent business communication enables your company to connect with your clients and build your customer loyalty. It provides you a comprehensive business communication tool to facilitate your account management.












Account Management

Intimate Contact allows you to manage your accounts and create a database to save the data of your accounts, including the name of your clients, company names, phone number, fax number, company address and the types of your clients. In addition, you can add some remarks to your accounts to specify their details and information, it enables you to save the customer details for account management as many as possible.



Quick Add

You can instantly save the information of your account by using quick add function. It allows you to input the information of your account meanwhile the system will check for the duplication of information. If the account is duplicated, the system will remind you and avoid the redundancy of adding extra accounts. Moreover, you can identify the roles of the buying process participants for your accounts and sort it in Intimate Contact to facilitate the sales process. 



Subsidiary Management

You can add the affiliation of companies to Intimate Contact to clarify the subsidiary relationship and facilitate the account management.



Saving account’s job position

Intimate Contact allows you to save the job position of your accounts and identify the relationship among your accounts. The system will generate a position map to indicate the job positions of the accounts in the same firm, so as to identify their relationship.



Criteria account search

We understand how complicated it is when we are searching for the contacts of accounts; therefore, we have simplified the search function of Intimate Contact and designed an advanced search function for you to search for the information of accounts by entering your search criteria. Besides, the search result will also include the similar results of your criteria, which enables you to find the related accounts or contacts.



Contact Management

Intimate Contact allows you to record the personal information of your clients and manage the contacts of them to create a phonebook for your company. The most exclusive function of Contact Management is the synchronization of phonebook, which allows you to combine and synchronize all the phonebooks of your employees. It can facilitate the contact management of your company and allows you to record the responsible salesperson of every client.


The followings are the key functions of Contact Management:

• Import and update your CRM data

• Import large amount of data by import tools

• Customer Phonebook

• Ensure the data integrity of company and the contact records with versioning technology (A history of all changes to the records with roll-back functionality)

• Prevent duplicated company or contact entry by real-time duplicate checking for all new records)



Import Excel Contact list

Intimate Contact supports Excel file, you can import your contact list by uploading excel database.




Print Label

Intimate Contact supports label printing function that enables user to print the label with the information of clients. If you want to deliver mass mail, you can refer to your client address book and print the address of clients for the letters.



Customer Segmentation

Intimate Contact allows you to make use of the data of your accounts to segment the market. You can sort your customers by gender, age, nationality, region or industry and target specific groups of customers to conduct marketing promotion. It enables you to allocate your resources to the potential markets to maximize the profitability.



Segmentation chart

Intimate Contact can generate a report to analyze the market situation and indicate the market reaction of different industries, it can provide you some solutions about the market segmentation and facilitate the market targeting.




Intimate Contact provides a synchronized Calendar for your company to schedule events, tasks or holidays and share the working progress. It also allows you to set reminders or assign works to other users, which provide your company a well-planned working routine. Moreover, you can set the authority of access for different users to facilitate the supervision, and you can read the calendar of other users for better collaboration.  



Event and Task Management

With the support from the synchronized calendar, you can also manage the event scheduling of your department and the task assignments of users.

Event – you can schedule an event on the calendar for the users and the time, content and duration of events will be shown on the calendar.

Task – you can assign a task to other users on the calendar and set a reminder for the users to notice them about the task assignment.



QR Code

Intimate Contact allows you to share the contact of your account by using QR code, your colleagues can acquire the contact by scanning the QR code generated by Intimate Contact.


Cloud System

Intimate Contact is a cloud system that allows you to synchronize all the data with all the users and connect to the system at any time.


Integration with MyPBX

You can integrate Intimate Contact with MyPBX to establish a business communication network to improve your telecommunication capability.






1.     Manage the contacts of your customers

2.     Facilitate your account management

3.     Saving customer information for market segmentation

4.     Prepare a customer database for market prospecting

5.     Create an address book for sending letters to customers

6.     Print Label - saving time for mass mailing

7.     Sending mass email

8.     Create a synchronized phonebook for your company

9.     Connect to the system at any time